With the demand for laser hair removal at an all time high, many companies have recently entered the field for profit. At AgeNu Laser and Electrolysis, we pride ourselves in being a small, private company that has operated under direct supervision of a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon for many years. Being a small company, we offer a very safe, private and personal experience for every client. In addition, unlike other companies, AgeNu Laser and Electrolysis has been practicing permanent hair removal for over 30 years. Alongside laser hair removal, our practitioner has mastered the proven method of electrolysis. Since the 1870’s, well over 100 years, the proven method of electrolysis has been used to permanently get rid of all unwanted hair regardless of the color or texture of the hair. A combination of laser and electrolysis enables us to get you to your goal of smooth skin far quicker and at a much more reasonable cost. If you have any questions or just want to schedule a consultation, give us a call.

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