Alpha Led Light Spa

How it works:

‘Even-flow’ dry heat
warms up tired muscles providing complete relaxation Zonal vibration in combination with heated massage bed improves peripheral blood flow and lymphatic drainage, helps to reduce spasm of skeletal muscles and the active removal of the accumulated lactic acid.

Cool Air Face (ionized oxygenated sea breeze)
makes the procedure more comfortable and allows to increase the heat intensity.


The soft warmth of near-infrared (NIR) light wavelength
penetrates into deep layers of tissue and stimulates metabolic processes. For each degree increase in body temperature metabolism rises by 6%!

Color bath ™
the unique effects of light, based on a combination of colors.

Weight Management

– long-term weight loss (after the 10-treatment course by 5-10% through fat reduction)
– reduction, elimination of cellulite
– correction of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism
– normalization of blood pressure
– reducing the risk of hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis, etc.